We are Un/Strung

Un/Strung /ˌənˈstrəNG/n: an approach to art and life characterized by a commitment to accessible expression and inclusive creativity that challenges the status-quo.

We are Jacob Lyerly and Greg Hays; two guitarists united in an effort to defy expectation and convention. Founded in 2018, our Baltimore based duo is constantly reinventing what it means to be a classical ensemble. Voted one of the best Classical Bar Bands in Baltimore by Classical Revolution, it is part of our mission to bring the music of Satie, Scarlatti, Stravinsky and more to unexpected places. We believe in breaking down the barrier between performers and audience.

We are the un/classical. We are Un/Strung.


Meet the Duo

Greg Hays

Greg Hays is a guitarist originally from Bel Air, Maryland who currently studies classical guitar at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University under the instruction of Julian Gray.
He began playing guitar when he was seven after his parents convinced the local music store to give lessons to such a young student. Greg has gone through quite the musical transformation over the years, listening to 80’s rock in middle school, gravitating towards blues in high school, and finally arriving at jazz and classical music in college. It was during his undergraduate time at Frostburg State University in the hills of western Maryland that his musical world got exponentially larger

As a performer, Greg has co-founded two guitar duos: EastWest Guitar Duo and, most recently, the Un/Strung Guitar Duo. He regularly performs with these groups in cities such as Baltimore, Cumberland, Frostburg, and more around the tristate area. In these groups, he focuses on expanding the guitar repertoire by arranging pieces not originally for the instrument.

Greg maintains an active teaching studio and teaches many different styles of guitar to a wide array of ages. He creates personalized exercises and study songs to help his students achieve their own artistic voice and highest potential
Greg is passionate about many genres, instruments, and disciplines in music; whether it is Romantic era piano music, Avant Garde music theory, the most obscure music history, or even the recording arts. When not in a practice room, Greg enjoys reading a good book and sailing on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.


Jacob Lyerly

Jacob Lyerly is a Baltimore based guitarist who is originally from Florence, SC. His primary artistic mission in life is to bring beauty into the world using music. He has pursued this mission through many avenues such as teaching, audio recording, and performing a wide variety of styles and genres.

His interests and skills have allowed him to explore other interesting opportunities as well. Jacob currently works at Peabody LAUNCHPad (Career Services) as a website developer, office assistant, and career coach (in training). He is also a member of the Sound Rounds team. This is a collaborative program between the Peabody Institute and Johns Hopkins Hospital, where Peabody student musicians perform music for long term patients in various wards of the hospital.

Most recently, Jacob received the 2019 Stuart Weber Scholarship. This is a merit based award that covers full tuition for one American guitarist to study in Italy at the Volterra Project Summer Guitar Institute. Jacob is also the 2017 recipient of the University of South Carolina School of Music’s Christopher Berg Guitar Award. This award is given to the student best exemplifying the qualities of creativity, humility, perseverance, and improvement in their study of the guitar and music performance.

Jacob received his Bachelor of Music degree in 2017 from The University of South Carolina where he studied guitar with Christopher Berg. He is currently pursing a Master of Music in Performance with an emphasis in Pedagogy from the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, where he studies guitar with Julian Gray.